Unit List on the Run

Created by Matt Porter

Unit List on the Run (ULotR) will download all Abbreviated Ward List or Ward Calendar for your Ward or Branch from the Church Website (https://secure.lds.org/units) for offline viewing. You will need a valid login and have your Stake participating on this site first. Unit List on the Run was developed by Matt and

The program does the following...
* Logs into https://secure.lds.org/units with your information
* Downloads the Abbreviated Ward List or Ward Calendar
* Converts it to YBK format and puts it onto your PPC (called Membership.ybk).

* A special thanks goes out to Scott for his contributions to this important release of this application. Without his collaborative effort, the application could not be where it is today.



HTML Output Stake Directory

HTML Output Ward Abbreviated

HTML Output Ward Full Listing


ULotR [2.0.6]

* Updated to handle new changes to formatting on the website.

ULotR [2.0.5]

* Bugfixes only.

ULotR [2.0.3]

* Ability to export all the units in your stake.
* Ability to export abbreviated or full listing or both.
* Makes email links within the page (HTML only)
* Shows links for google maps (HTML Only)
* Gives ability for Driving Directions with Google Maps given a starting address (HTML Only)
* Alphabetized index links at the top of each unit list.
* Much improved formatting.
* Ability to export to CSV format.

ULotR [1.2.0]

* Fixed some display bugs in YanCEyWare output.

ULotR [1.1.9]

* Improved format for the Membership Directory
* Improved Calendar feature
* Download 1,3 or 6 months into a single ybk file
* New debug feature.

ULotR [1.1.7] & ULotR [1.1.8]

* Fixed some bugs in the Installer

ULotR [1.1.6]

* Now downloads the Calendar of the current month